Workshop "DOM in Spanisch and Turkish"

University of Cologne, Institute of Romance Languages and Institute of German Linguistics and Literatur I

Monday July 13, 9.00-14.00


Marco García García & Klaus von Heusinger

Meeting description

Differential Object Marking (DOM) is a widespread phenomenon among the languages of the world (cf. e.g. Bossong 1985; Aissen 2003; de Swart 2007; Dimmendaal 2010; Iemmolo 2011; Bickel, Witzlack-Makarevich & Zakharko 2014; Sinnemäki 2014). It is often described as the result of two interacting prominence relations. The first relation holds between the core arguments of a verb: A direct object is case marked if it has a certain degree of prominence with respect to the subject. The second relation is an implicational one holding between alternative expressions for the direct object: If one type of expression on a relevant Prominence Hierarchy is case marked, for instance an indefinite NP on the Referentiality Hierarchy, all expressions that are higher on that hierarchy must also be case marked.

The workshop “DOM in Spanish and Turkish” intends to investigate two additional parameters that might influence DOM:

(i) The competition between the case marking of the direct object (DOM) with the marking of the indirect object in Spanish - both markings use the same marker “a”, which leads to blocking effects.

(ii) The interaction of intensionality and DOM in Spanish and Turkish. We are investigating the dependency of DOM on different types of intensional contexts in comparison with contexts with extensional operators or no operators.


  • 9.00-10:15
  • Klaus von Heusinger & Georg Kaiser & Diego Romero,
  • - DOM and Clitic Doubling in ditransitive constructions
  • 10:30-12:15
  • Marco García García, Klaus von Heusinger & Mirko Ruf
  • - DOM in intensional contexts in Spanish
  • 12:30-13:45
  • Elif Bamyaci
  • - DOM in intensional context in Turkish


Klaus von Heusinger